Condominium Survey

Plat of Condominium is a survey of new construction or conversion of an existing building delineating the units, ownership limits, both horizontal and vertical, for each unit, and shared ownership areas within the condominium association. Condominium surveys are a specialized class of boundary surveys governed by the Condominium Property Act.
Plat of Condominium is the result of actual field measurements. Data is sometimes transcribed from plans, but it must be verified with field measurements and amended on the Plat after completion of the construction work. Notes on the Condominium Plat must indicate whether the interior measurements shown refer to finished or unfinished surfaces and the vertical data used for any elevations depicted on the Plat. Units, Limited Common Elements, Common Elements/ Shared Areas, and Parking Spaces must be clearly labeled.

Section 1270.56 Minimum Standards of Practice

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