Land Surveying Services

For over 30 years, the professional staff at Andrew Spiewak Land Surveyor, Inc. provides an essential service to attorneys, builders, developers, homeowners, architects, and engineers. We work hard to exceed minimum standards and resolve boundary conflicts for complicated and problematic areas.
You will find our surveys highly detailed and easy to read, even if this is your first time viewing a survey. By asking specific questions and understanding your needs, we can custom fit a survey to meet your specific requirements and go above the average expectations.
We are available year-round and provide a variety of high-quality, accurate, hassle-free, on-time land survey options at a competitive price in Chicago and all areas of Cook, DuPage, and Lake counties.

ALTA/NSPS Land Title Survey

An ALTA/NSPS survey is a boundary survey adhering to a set of minimum standards adopted by the American Land Title Association and National Society of Professional Surveyors. An ALTA/NSPS survey is often provided for commercial properties, as it will supply the title company with the information required to insure the title to the land to the highest degree. In addition to the minimum standard detail requirements for ALTA/NSPS land title survey items, optional Table A items are included in the ALTA/NSPS standards. A careful review of the optional survey responsibilities and specifications in "Table A " helps delineate a clear scope of the land surveyor's services. read more...

Andrew Spiewak Professional Land Surveyor
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Condominium Surveys

Plat of Condominium is a survey of new construction or conversion of an existing building delineating the units, ownership limits, both horizontal and vertical, for each unit, and shared ownership areas within the condominium association. Condominium surveys are a specialized class of boundary surveys governed by the Condominium Property Act. read more...

Consulting Services

At Andrew Spiewak Land Surveyor, Inc. DBA Spiewak Consulting, we have been involved in the planning, designing, and implementing many of the most successful land development projects from start to finish. We cover the Greater Chicago Metropolitan area for over 20 years, and our no-nonsense approach to projects while keeping a diligent eye on the bottom line has given us a distinct advantage.
We know and understand the technical issues, and more importantly, we understand the financial reality of what it takes for a successful project. The collection of professionals in collaboration with Spiewak Consulting staff facilitates a complete set of plans for your project's final design and permits.