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Andrew F. Spiewak

Illinois Professional Land Surveyor

My thoughts on pricing professional services for the land survey that I would like to share with potential and existing customers. With the internet, all the world's knowledge is at your fingertips. Use it!

Understanding what is going on, whether you are selling a home, getting a permit for site improvements, or building a house it is critical to negotiate a deal for surveying services. As a professional land surveyor and a consultant, I'm the nicest Shark there is because I tell the truth. I have the expertise and you will get the services that will exceed your expectations. I'm a fan of dealing with reality, dealing with the truth and giving you a fair price. So many people get caught up with the idea that price is the only thing that matters when ordering a survey, but as they say, you get what you pay for. Our no-nonsense approach to projects while keeping a diligent eye on the bottom line has given us a distinct advantage. I do not get all the jobs but no deal is better than a bad deal.



More than 30 years of experience in Land Surveying, Survey party management, and Civil Engineering Site Design
Participates in continuing education courses and seminars to further professional development
Fluent in English and Polish
Licensed as a Professional Land Surveyor since 1996 – License No. 3178


Andrew Spiewak Land Surveyor / Spiewak Consulting



A Professional Land Surveyor that oversees a variety of land surveying and civil site design projects, including commercial, industrial and residential sites. Executes land surveys, subdivisions, condominiums, boundaries and topographic maps, grading & utilities plans, utilizing survey and design field to finish solutions. Writes or directs the writing of descriptions of land to satisfy legal requirements according to standard surveying practices.  Directs survey parties and projects, and reviews and certifies completed work to satisfy legal requirements. Supervises field operations and plat preparation, generate job bids and proposals. Coordinates work of land surveyor with that of legal, engineering, architectural, and other staff on projects. Manages day-to-day business operations; including AutoCAD drafting, construction layouts and computations. Plans and conducts presentations in a professional manner. Proficient use of numerous electronic and conventional measuring tools and equipment and monitors new technology, evaluates and purchases or authorizes the purchase of new equipment and supplies. Selects new staff for employment and takes disciplinary action when necessary. Assumes legal responsibility for work performed and is licensed by the State of Illinois.

McTigue & Spiewak, Inc. Professional Design Firm Land Surveying Corporation

Vice President


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John D. McTigue Land Surveyors, Chicago IL

Land Surveying Manager 


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Exzakt Survey Company, Inc., Riverside, IL



Started as a draftsman and was promoted to the position of Chief Draftsman. Primary responsibility was for the production of plats of various land surveys, as well as research layouts and preparation of legal documents. Over the years had gained proficiency in the operation of various surveying instruments and supervised field crews.


Has attended and completed multiple Survey Seminars and Continuing Educational programs throughout the years and is an active member of the Illinois Professional Land Surveyors Association.
Agricultural & Civil Engineering Institute, Krakow Poland 1979-1981
Completed successfully 2 years of college courses in Civil Engineering and Geodesy
Technical School of Water Resource Engineering, Krakow, Poland 1974-1979
Studied Water Resources Engineering and Earned Degree in Environmental Engineering and Land Reclamation