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Landy Surveying Frequently Asked Questions

Land Surveying is a profession, technique, and science of accurately determining the terrestrial or three-dimensional positions of points, distances, and angles between them. These points are usually on the Earth's surface and are often used to establish land map boundaries of ownership. The plat map shows buildings, the surface location of site improvements, and the subsurface location of site infrastructure, acquired by field observations and data maps provided to the Surveyor. Andrew Spiewak Land Surveyor provides such plat maps for homeowners, developers, attorneys, architects, and engineers as needed.      

Who is a Land Surveyor?
When do I need a Survey?
How much will a survey cost?
What can a Surveyor do for me?
What does the Surveyor need from me?
What should I receive from the Professional Land Surveyor?
Why do Surveys cost so much?
Requests of Old Copies
2021 ALTA/NSPS Standards Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who is a Land Surveyor?

A Professional Land Surveyor is a person who is qualified by education and experience and who has passed an examination and currently holds valid licensure required by the State of Illinois to practice Land Surveying in Illinois.

When do I need a Survey?

  • When buying or selling land, the location of which is not clearly defined on the ground.
  • Before land is divided.
  • If a lending institution requires a survey.
  • If a line or corner is not defined.
  • Before building close to a line.
  • Before a lot is conveyed from a larger tract.
  • Before developing the property.
  • When you believe someone has built on your property.

How much will a Survey cost?

Fees of Surveyors are on a level with other professions. The Surveyor's prices are dependent upon the size of the tract of land and other factors including, the terrain and vegetation, accessibility, and if reliable survey monuments exist in the area. Since the work is specific to your individual needs, the Surveyor will consider all the above aspects before giving you an estimate for approximate costs before commencing the work. Do not make a choice solely on price. Make sure to check the Surveyor's credentials and only obtain the services of a reputable and licensed Surveyor.

What can a Surveyor do for me?

  • Advise you whether you need a survey or not.
  • Examine your deed and adjoining deeds for problems.
  • Locate improvements such as buildings, fences, and other pertinent information on the survey site and along the boundaries.
  • Find and flag corners and property lines.
  • Stake lost or obliterated survey marks.
  • Subdivide land and prepare a plat of subdivision.
  • Deliver condominium plats for recordation.
  • Make contour maps, topography.
  • Cooperate with your attorney, title insurer, realtor, banker, architect, engineer, and builder.
  • Appear in court as an expert witness.

What does the Surveyor need from me?

The more information you can provide to the Surveyor, the more you may expedite the land surveyor's work. Such information includes:

  • The purpose of the survey.
  • A copy of the legal description from a reliable source.
  • Property tax identification number (PIN).
  • Location of any known property corners.
  • Information about adjoining landowners.
  • Information about disagreements over corners and property lines.
  • Agreement as to who pays and when.

What should I receive from the Professional Land Surveyor?

A professional surveyor will give you a signed and sealed plat map showing all desired and needed information per your service agreement.

Why do Surveys cost so much?

Does the surveyor bill for time spent on the job or bill for his/her potential liability? "A $3,000 fee from a surveyor who did next to nothing" a true statement! It is not as black-and-white as it initially seems. When the Surveyor does the work first, or second time on the site, he/she incurred liability for his/her survey every time. Indeed, just as much liability a second time as the first time? Every time plat is issued, he/she has extended the statute of limitations, as outlined in 735 ILCS 5/13-222. Since this is the case, he/she should be compensated for also incurring this liability.

Requests of old copies

Everyone needs to understand that there is only one reason someone wants a copy of an old plat of survey or wants parties added to certification, and that is because those surveys one needs for other than their original intended purpose. This request unquestionably increases the Surveyor's liability and extends it to the new parties. At best, surveyors are compensated meagerly for that pleasure (or vilified if they ask for appropriate compensation).