Elevation Certificate

The National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) Elevation Certificate (EC) (FEMA form 086-0-33) is an administrative tool of the NFIP which is to be used to provide elevation information necessary to ensure compliance with community floodplain management requirements to determine the proper insurance rate or support a request for a Letter of Map Amendment (LOMA) or a Letter of Map Amendment based on fill (LOMR-F).  

If your home falls in a high-risk flood area and you carry a mortgage from a federally regulated or insured lender then your lender is legally mandated to require flood insurance on the property. While flood insurance is offered through the NFIP, policies are also sold by private insurance companies. 

If you are currently carrying flood insurance you have the right to dispute if your property is currently in the flood zone.  Once the flood zone is changed the lender may remove the requirement for flood insurance.  A copy of the flood zone change must be given to the lender in order for them to remove the flood insurance requirement.  

An Elevation certificate is provided by a licensed Surveyor and will help determine if your property can be removed from the flood zone.  The cost of an Elevation Certificate will vary significantly depending on the location and complexity of the property. A Surveyor's fees can vary from $550 and up depending on his review of the FEMA and aerial maps.      

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